This blog is about online security, focus on “Security is not a product, its a process”, and to faciliate a secure process you need to have a tool for that.

peter21 My name is Peter Gullberg, and working with product strategy at Todos AB, nowadays a Gemalto company. I’m responsible for the product portofolio on a worldwide basis. We develop a wide range of security solution, that fits any financial institutions need. The views on this blog is not necessarily Todos/Gemalto.

I’m a visionary and innovator focusing on the banking industry. Having worked with this for many years have given me insightful knowledge in this line of business, with ability to turn an idea into a fully deployed product. Result of my research is today being used by banks worldwide, I have been in charge for the design and the development of security solutions that has been deployed by leading banks, among them: ABN AMRO, Nordea, China Construction Bank and Sparebank1.

Key milestone: Innovator of the concept of Todos Dynamic Signatures, a risk based authentication solution to secure online ebanking and eCommerce. Dynamic Signatures is the authentication solution that truly protects against all known attacks, including man-in-the-middle-attacks, using a unconnected token or a cardreader, while keeping usability.  Todos Dynamic Signatures protects the bank and their end-users today and tomorrow. My area of expertise is Smart cards, EMV, Chip Authentication Program (3DS-CAP), 3D-Secure, security and risk assessment, product management, communication technologies. Other achievements; codeveloper of Advanced Authentication for Chip specification, and contributor to MasterCard CAP (Chip Authentication Program) and VISA dynamic passcode authentication (dpa); 2FA, Two factor authentication.


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