“I have a dream”

Listen to Simon Sinek’s intersting and inspiring talk about WHY.

People don’t gather around people or products just because they provide certain qualities, they gather because they have a vision, and can realize their vision in their products.

I like Steve Jobs, he visited Xerox Corporation at their  Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) in 1979, where he got his vision, that electronic systems must be user friendly. He understood the importance of anthroplogists and user interface researchers. Those who understand the vision is essential. His vision (WHY) have since then driven Apple. In fact Apple don’t compare with competition – they do what they think is right. iPhone was the first handset in which you could use the browser, and where people actually cold purchase items on. That they have application facism have only helped them establish trust.

When it comes to online banking and online shopping, the vision is to make it easy for the user, convenience always wins in the long term. But it cannot only be convenient, it must also have trust as that feeds the limbic brain, and tells the customer that it’s safe to do banking. To not make it cumbersome you need to balance usability with security, as there is always a tradeoff.

If there is a risky transaction, such as paying a high amount to a new beneficiary, any customer would feel uncomfortable doing that without having a security technology in place. Making this correct, it’s possible to bring alot of convenience, and stop risky transactions, by introducing increased security, when needed.


~ by petergullberg on June 1, 2011.

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