Research in Usable Privacy

Forwarding a post from Karlstad University mailing list:


[Humanit-listan] HumanIT doktorander

From: Jakob Svensson <>

To: <>

Date: 23 Sep 2010 – 13:50

We at HumanIT are very happy to fund and welcome PhD student Julio Angulo to Karlstad University.

Julio will deal with the UI aspects of security on online banking and the concepts of anonymous credentials and data minimizationt in collaboration with Gemalto and Nordea. Julio is also involved with OZLAB together with John Sören Pettersson and HCI aspects of the PrimeLife project together with Erik Wästlund and others. He is giving Usability advice to some of the interfaces being developed for handling privacy preferences and will do User-Test to evaluate the usability of such interfaces.

Julio has a B.Sc. on Computer Science from the University of British Columbia, and a M.Sc. on Computer Science with emphasis on Ubiquitous Computing from Blekinge Tekniska Högskola, as well a Masters from Lund University on Interaction Design. Julio has worked for the mobile industry as an Interaction Designer in companies like UIQ Technology AB and STEricsson.

Before moving to Karlstad Julio was doing an Internship as a Software programmer and UI Designer on a small company that delivered logistic solutions to hospitals around Skåne.

Jakob Svensson, Ph. D.

Director HumanIT ( [])

Ass. Prof. in Media and Communication Studies

Karlstad University

65188 Karlstad – Sweden

+ 46 (0) 54 700 1893


Humanit-listan mailing list


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