Advanced digital life – eServices in Sweden without hype

The advanced digital life is still in its infancy, we are just starting discovering what it takes for a cardholder, citizen or a facebooker to stay safe online. What really matters is to understand that a person is acting with multiple personalities online, often without reflecting.

Most people are concerned, but do not really grasp the concept of security and privacy and do not have a clear strategy on how to act in order to protect their different persona online. When being asked, some customers care, but most don’t, until they’re asked if it would be OK if they had their health-records posted on Facebook for anyone to see.

Privacy and Security is something that most people only will request after they experienced it. A good example is the comparison with the seat-belt, a Swedish innovation that is today used in every corner in the world. Once understood, a customer don’t want anything less.

The real challenge is to gain knowledge and provide technology that enables the Internet to become a secure and trustworthy place for everyone, not only the brave. Everyone need to use the Internet, therefore it’s crucial that we take the emotional human into consideration, as he cannot objectively perceive ePrivacy or eSecurity.

Gemalto is doing an interesting coverage on Digital Sweden (, where we are trying to describe why Sweden is far ahead in the digital service evolution. Martin Ogarp, a bright business developer working at Nordea is being interviewed trying to give a clear answer on Nordea philosophy (

– Customers have come to expect online access to their bank, and it has to be a high quality service,” he says. “Our philosophy, and the starting point of Nordea’s eBanking initiative, is that all interactions with the bank should be able to be carried out however the customer chooses.

Nordea is securing both eBanking and eCommerce transactions, making life more secure for their cardholders, using cutting edge technology from Gemalto.


~ by petergullberg on September 8, 2010.

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