Will Google Wave kill or re-establish operator revenues – Is it time the operators grab the steering wheel

Apple cleverly stole the revenue stream from the operator, making Internet traffic commodity. Operators outside Japan have over and over again spent uncountable hours of time, trying to understand and copying the business success that iMode have in Japan…..

Apple understood it, took action, and has successfully become a dominant factor on the market.
By introducing a platform that is not only homogeneous and usable, using a managed AppStore, they have made this possible. In fact what they did was to make it convenient (and secure) for the customer to buy content online, and this was the key trigger for customers adopting this. By doing in this way apple created one of the biggest online stores ever seen.

Operators lost the battle of selling content! What’s left is SMS and call charges, but generation Y don’t call each other, they SMS, so the only real revenue stream left is SMS.

Operators should take great concern in protecting this asset as this might change, soon! And in fact they are by themselves pushing this to happen, and the reason is that openhandsetalliance is pushing Android, which will come packed with AppStore, but not only that, the most important change I expect to be Google Wave.

Google Wave will dramatically change the way people send message, chat, and it’s rather likely that Google Wave will replace SMS, as it will unify all the channels, facebook, messenger, email, SMS into one channel, where customer will use Google Wave.

If the Operator don’t understand this, they will lose the battle (here also). If they are clever they will leverage on Google Wave, and will be able to increase the loyalty of the operator, create new revenue streams, and sell Google Wave pre-installed in their mobile as a service to their customers.


~ by petergullberg on May 28, 2010.

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