Nordea attracts young and hip using a keyring card reader

Nordea released this week their new ultra-portable card reader “Nordea key ring reader”. The reader offers a truly portable and unprecedented easy way of accessing the eBank or eCommerce.
The way of using this product is cool and attracts the young and hip and mobile generation. The appealing design breathes portability and convenience, telling the user to use it when on the run. We see Nordea as a trendbreaker here, with the ability to segment their customer, bringing real value to them, as each user is truly individual.

The Nordea key ring reader is an ingenious product that has a patented input mechanism using a scroll-wheel. The scroll-wheel makes it possible to shrink the whole product to actually fit on a key chain, resulting in increased user convenience and trust, as the user will carry it with him at all time.
The user is now able to perform his services, anywhere, anyplace at anytime, and that are few of the things that triggered Nordea to start offering this product.


~ by petergullberg on December 16, 2009.

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