Conficker – a hands on story by 60 minutes

16hn5shLesley Stahl, the distinguished 60 minutes reporter made an interesting story on Conficker, also known as Downadup. It is an aggressive trojan, and have kept anti-virus companies busy for some time now. Lesley’s story can be viewed here. Internet have become a mine field, and this threat is not expected to be diminished anytime soon. She points out that “Cyber gangs” are turning hackers into local heroes, and making advertisement in order to find those hackers that can steal money from rich Americans.
By the time you are reading this, the Trojan have probably already called home for further instructions (april 1st). You can expect some updated figures on the number of computers infected, as infected computers starts calling “home”. The really frightening thing with Conficker is that it can update itself, and will be able to morph itself, and attack not only the user on the PC, but the infected computer can participate in larger massive attacks, such as phishing or denial of service. Even CBS themselves have been struck by this Trojan.
Last week I had a dinner with some of the really clever guys attending eCrime in London, both banks and guys that do internet surveillance, and even they were all searching in the dark of what Conficker is expected to unleash.

I also add to this story an in-depth technical material here, that penetrates the inner workings of the trojan –

Another interesting side business is that security companies are buying a gazillion number of domain names 🙂


~ by petergullberg on March 31, 2009.

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