Online security – blog statistics

trendThe Online security blog have been active since november’08, and the number of readers are climbing in a slow and steady pace. The feedback I have received  so far is positive. If you have an opinion, or even if you haven’t, why not send me a “hi from me” to peter at todos dot se :).

Here are the top-10 post that you readers have seen special interest in since the start:

1.       Trojans are attacking banks – is your

2.       UK government is investing in consent ba

3.       Ross Anderson and his team describes vul

4.       An embryo for a brilliant man-in-the-mid

5.       Future of online security is to empower

6.       Inner-workings of Sinowal/Torpig

7.       Enhanced authentication presentation

8.       One of the largest worms ever seen – Dow

9.       How effective are virus programs on a cu

10.   European Central Bank – statistics

11.   Todos XML-Sign-What-You-See, the missing



~ by petergullberg on March 12, 2009.

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