Future of online security is to empower the user

IBM started an initiative called Global Innovation Outlook, with the aim of joining together with leaders from business, academia, and politics from around the world to create new opportunities for business and society.

One of the important conclusions from the research GIO Security & Society Report is that future security solutions will empower the user, for the user to be able to secure himself. Todos security solutions for eBanking and eCommerce is developed around the vision to empower the user give his consent to secure an online transaction. In order to maximize convenience the bank controls how the user is empowered, depending on the risk in the transaction. Todos solutions to empower the user is Todos Dynamic Signatures and Todos XML Sign-What-You-See. The solutions works unconnected to the PC and connected respectively, and integrates easily with risk based authentication tools, adaptive security infrastructure or authorization management solution to dynamically assess the risk in each transaction, and mitigate the risk in the transaction to reduce fraud and avoid denial of transactions.

About; Todos Data System AB is a market leading solution provider in two-factor authentication, with a broad product portofolio. Todos delivers next-generation security solutions to banks worldwide, including ABN AMRO and Nordea bank, providing stronger than CAP security. MasterCard CAP and VISA dynamic passcode authentication are two-factor authentication solutions using chip card for online banking and online shopping. Peter Gullberg is VP Product Strategy at Todos.


~ by petergullberg on December 16, 2008.

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