Todos XML-Sign-What-You-See, the missing link for PKI in financial transactions

The missing link in PKI and digital signatures is the ability for the user to review essential details of a document in a secure and trusted environment when user is about to digitally sign a document. Current PKI and digital signature solutions only have the possibility to review details on the PC-screen and this is not considered secure enough which leads to doubt of non-repudiation and the informed consent in the transaction.
To illustrate this lack in existing PKI-schemes read this statement “Would you sign a check in blank, and give it away?“. This is what a customer have to do when using a PKI solution, no matter it’s a soft certificate, USB token, a PKI card reader, unless you have some way of proving his intention.

The solution to this is Todos XML-Sign-What-You-See , which combines PKI and Sign What You See with a standardised document format, XML-Signatures. This enables virtually any document to be signed and also enables the user to review essential details in the document before creating the digital signature. This provides both strong act-of-will and strong non-repudation. The important features that was lost when moving from traditional handwritten documents into the digital age is solved with Todos XML-Sign-What-You-See.
Todos XML-Sign-What-You-See can sign virtually any document content, which enables widespread usage, where essential transaction details of the document is reviewed and approved by the user in a secure environment, before creating the digital signature.
Most initiatives worldwide today on digital signatures are derivate work based on W3C’s ( XML-Signature [XMLDSIG]. Currently, many authorities, such as governments and financial institutions have adopted and are implementing various XML-Signature schemes.

About; Todos Data System AB is a solution provider, working closely with industry organisations and setting worldwide standards. ‘Todos’ provides a complete solution for online eBanking and eCommerce’.


~ by petergullberg on December 10, 2008.

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