Good design equals good security?

Can properly designed products improve security? Yes I believe so, and my experience tells me that this has already been proven. Making it possible for a person to understand what he’s doing will increase user awareness, and thereby improving security. Good design no matter it’s webpages or consumer products improves security.

One author that I respect is Donald Norman who is one of the matter expert in design, where he have written several books, and two of those books are a must on the shelf for any product manager. I love the when he talks about emotional design, which is a kind of disruptive thinking, which challenges your assumptions. Both the Emotional Design: Why We Love (or Hate) Everyday Things and The Design of Everyday Things.

“Visceral design is what nature does. We humans evolved to coexist in the environment of other humans, animals, planets, landscapes, weather, and other natural phenomena. As a result we are exquisitely tuned to receive powerful emotional signals from the environment that get interpreted automatically at the visceral level”.
“Behavioural design is all about use. Appearance doesn’t really matter. Rationale doesn’t matter. Performance does. This is the aspect of practitioners in the usability community focus upon.”
“Reflective design covers a lot of territory. It is all about message, about culture, and about the meaning of a product and it’s use. For one, it is a meaning of things, the personal remembrances something evokes. For another, very different thing, it is about self-image and the message a product sends to others. Whenever you notice that the color of someone’s socks matches the rest of his or her clothes or whether those clothes are right of the occasion, you are concerned with reflective self-image.” –
Emotional Design, Donald A. Norrman


~ by petergullberg on November 14, 2008.

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