‘Advanced Authentication for Chip’

MasterCard today announced ‘Advanced Authentication for Chip’, which is an extension to MasterCards OneSmart Authentiation and Chip Authentication Program that enables EMV-Issuers to use already issued EMV-cards with strong two-factor authentication for eCommerce or eBanking services. With ‘Advanced Authentication for Chip’ the issuer leverage on the EMV-card investment.

Peter Gullberg, VP Product Strategy at Todos comments on the launch of Advanced Authentication for Chip;”Never before has secure technology been this easy and accessible – for everyone, everywhere and at anytime. Todos’ battle-proven technology dramatically reduces online fraud, and creates genuine trust for the cardholder while the bank leverages on their investment in EMV, using existing payment to secure eCommerce and eBanking transactions using Advanced Authentication for Chip.”

‘Advanced Authentication for Chip’ enables already issued EMV-cards to be used with this new technology, no matter if the chip has PIN or not. The only thing the isser need to invest in is CTVS validation server that can validate the one-time-password generated by a chip-card reader implementing this technology, and distribute a card card reader to the customer, which then immediately card start using his card for either eCommerce or eBanking transactions.
Using ‘Advanced Authentication for Chip’ cardholder achieves Card Present in eCommerce and eBanking transactions, thereby preventing identity theft and financial frauds. This provides trust and confidence to cardholder.
About; Todos Data System AB is a solution provider, working closely with MasterCard and developing standards. ‘Todos’ provides a complete solution for ‘Advanced Authentication for Chip’, which includes both the CTVS validation server, chip card readers and consulting services for secure online banking and secure online shopping market.(05.11.08)


~ by petergullberg on November 5, 2008.

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